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Thread: Teh Formula 1 Encyclopedia: 2018 Edition.

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    I think Kimi owes Max a beer. And maybe vice versa when Kimi held up Hamilton earlier in the race.

    I have to give it to Hamilton. He tried to make moves but did it very maturely and intelligently without throwing it away by doing something stupid. He wanted to close it out this weekend but realized it's not worth pulling a Vettel and losing a ton of points.
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    Are aero cars that easy to spin, Cuda, or are we correct in thinking that Vettel's doing the stuff that's drilled into young drivers' heads not to do?
    I haven't driven anything quite like that (LMPC was the closest), but I can see how it's happening to him. It looks like every time in the past few months that Vettel has spun from contact he has had forward weight transfer at that moment. I think he gets panicky then and doesn't realize there may be small things he can do to come off better in side by side contact.

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    That's twice... with the other RB... slightly contacting them from the inside of a turn... and then spin?!?!?!?

    Maybe Adrian Newey designed some sort of strange vortex generator that caused Vettel's car to lose downforce of his rear wing during turns... which resulted in sudden lost of rear grip.

    One could blame the contact on Vettel, but I think the subsequent spins were most likely caused by the car itself... not really driver error. Maybe it's just not a good idea to get to close to the RBs even side by side... The lost of downforce was probably why Vettel kept on misjudging his overtakes... he thought he could make the pass, but he always end up sliding into the RB cars instead...

    I dunno. It's just so odd that this is repeating.

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