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Thread: Easiest way for elderly parents to view family pictures online?

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    Slightly off topic, but your post reminded me of something. You might get a kick out of it.

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    That is great.

    I'm a little younger than that guy (I hope!) but sometimes have similar "what?!" moments with millennials at work. To be fair, though, I learn a lot from the 27-year-old that I spend most of my working time with.

    I guess it was the same when I started working. There were still WWII vets in the workforce then, but I don't remember such a huge "technology gap" as we have today.

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    Related: I have wanted to get various family members internet-connected photo frames for years so that they could always have the latest photos of far flung relatives. Now Google and Amazon sort of have versions of that, and they include voice control so you can ask for specific pictures. I'd want to play with one before getting for anyone, though, since I'd have to be the remote IT guy for them.
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