Iím kinda maybe sorta interested in buying a PlayStation Vita, but before I do I want to see if I can safely open myself up to importing one for less money than buying a used one from here. Theyíre not that common in Australia since they sold so few of them before totes not giving up on the system in western countries, and I figure I might be able to either buy a brand new one or get a second-hand one and save a bit of cash compared to buying locally.

So the question I have is about their region restrictions. I know that their game cards are region free, which was a main selling point back in 2012, but the specific query I have is in regards to games on PSN. I have a PS+ subscription and over the last four years Iíve amassed about 50-hundred free Vita games that could be worth checking out. Does anyone know of the console restricts you to only downloading games from the home territory, or can I load it up with all of those free games that are just sitting on my account?

Furthermore, possibly the main usage Iíll get out of a Vita is playing streamed PS4 games on it while on the shitter (or at work, while tethered to my iPhone hotspot), so the question also extends to whether an import Vita will play happily with my local PS4 console.