Usual team cost: 40 mandatory (no more, no less, duplicate teams not allowed)

Two rule changes:
1. You're getting the driver, not this seat (like 2016 and prior)
2. There's a draft order, reverse of last year's standings. An actual draft is not feasible, just submit your picks and the lower seeds get priority over the top finishers should there be duplicate teams (honor system here, don't scroll down and take dodint/IMOA's picks). Draft will be enforced one week only, picks starting next Monday will be first come first serve.
Cost	Driver	Constructor	Driver full name
----	------	-----------	----------------
26	HAM	Mercedes 	Lewis Hamilton
22	BOT	Mercedes 	Valtteri Bottas
18	RIC	Red Bull 	Daniel Ricciardo
18	VER	Red Bull 	Max Verstappen
21	VET	Ferrari 	Sebastian Vettel
14	RAI	Ferrari 	Kimi Räikkönen
6	HUL	Renault 	Nico Hülkenberg
5	SAI	Renault 	Carlos Sainz Jr.
4	PER	Force India 	Sergio Pérez
4	OCO	Force India 	Esteban Ocon
3	ALO	McLaren 	Fernando Alonso
2	VAN	McLaren 	Stoffel Vandoorne
3	GRO	Haas     	Romain Grosjean
2	MAG	Haas     	Kevin Magnussen
2	STR	Williams 	Lance Stroll
2	SIR	Williams 	Sergey Sirotkin
2	HAR	Toro Rosso 	Brendon Hartley
2	GAS	Toro Rosso 	Pierre Gasly
1	Sauber	Sauber (both)	Marcus Ericsson & Charles Leclerc
Submit picks here via replies, deadline is first practice of the season (in roughly 10.5 days).