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Thread: Red Dead Redemption 2

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    It does look really really good from a visual perspective.

    But I have never liked the shooting mechanics in the Rockstar games. They've always been this janky 3rd person view. That was ok in GTA III and some of the other early games but has become unimpressive in the later games. Just takes a lot away from the experience.

    But didn't they release a FPS version of GTAV? So, is that gonna be part of RDR2? Or is it going to be a feature they release later......

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    I'm going to wait and see on this. I want to like it but as folks have said above, lots of questions need answered first.

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    The more I see of it, the more I just want to play the first one again, where I know there won't be lots of extras I have to pay for, etc.

    Once the new one is out for a while, we'll know what R* wants to do.

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    I'll place my bets now that, unlike the first Red Dead, they WON"T have a friendly public free roam mode in online. And i'm confident of that because it simply won't make them money, so they won't see any point including it.

    GTA Online has been said to be the absolute most toxic online community out of all games out there. Which i believe to be true, as in a lot of public online games developers always try to make things balanced and remove/null trolls/griefers etc, whereas Rockstar are doing the opposite and almost encouraging it.
    Just look around social media etc for proof, namely when someone complains how hard it is to get anywhere in the game without shark cards etc, diehard trolls players wil e-bash the crap out of them and usually tell them to go play another game etc.

    But money talks, and the normalies out there are getting drowned out by the trolls and griefers.

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