It's time to evaluate our options with home internet service. We've had DSL for many years and are still renting a wi-fi router from the phone company, which has always struck me as a bad deal. I'd rather pay $XXX up front to purchase than rent something for $X per month indefinitely.

I'd rather not pester you guys with a hundred questions if I can educate myself. I know I can start googling, but I thought maybe some of you tech pros or serious hobbyists could point me in a useful direction.

Can anyone suggest a website or two where I could read and learn about the latest in home internet service options and wi-fi routers? I would much rather get information from independent sources that aren't trying to sell me the products and services on their site.

Topics of interest to me:

Cable vs. DSL vs. something else?

One physical connection point in the house (what we have currently) vs. plug in anywhere (such as with cable internet, which we've had previously, where we could plug into any cable jack in the house).

Outlet network boxes (if that's the right term for those boxes you plug network cables into in your power outlets) vs. other options such as "better" wi-fi or options I may not know about.

Modern wi-fi routers that let you choose and change your own passwords, set up a guest network, and whatever else I don't know about. Recently a couple visitors to our home seemed shocked when I went upstairs to copy the password from the manufacturer's label on the router to give to them so they could use our wi-fi. "You don't have a guest network?! You canít change the password?!"