CD Projekt Red has finally released footage of the behind-closed-doors E3 2018 demo of Cyberpunk 2077. A whole 48 minutes of it.

Itís looking real nice.

I have some random thoughts, though:

1) Iím kinda hoping that this is pushed back into the next console generation and polished up to match. It will be a great excuse to jump in and adopt the next PS or XB early.

2) The game reminds me of the opening hour of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided a bit too much.

3) In fact, it feels like the Cyberpunk universe could exist within the Deus Ex universe and it would be nearly seamless.

4) Is everyone in the future extremely cool and fashionable, and do they all have snide attitudes?

5) Iím concerned that the city doesnít appear to be as large and diverse as they seem to be hyping it up to be. It looks like a heap of samey backlots and garbage-filled corridors, connected by empty streets and neon hubs.

6) But the character design is just tremendous. Check out that gang boss whoís had the top half of his face removed to make way for that optical augmentation.

I canít wait to see more, though. Iím definitely interested in this game.