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Thread: Morbid Obesity is now fashionable apparently

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    I rechecked the beginning and why Swervo possibly went nuts.
    My guess is the word "appearance."

    1. the way that someone or something looks.
    2. an act of performing or participating in a public event.

    My later wordings there were clearly towards number 2 meaning but confirmation bias is strong.

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    I don't know man. It's similar to the situation that nobody would admit that they are racists, well other than Trump supporters of course, but reality is that plenty of racism is still going on in blue liberal states. White men still rules Hollywood and Silicon Valley and Wall Street..., yet, none of those white men would admit they're allowing racism... that they actually want diversity!!! I guess it's just fact that white men are superior. Otherwise, why is it so difficult to diversify, right?

    I don't know about you guys, but I've read a lot of words here in this thread to the effect of that 'if you're fat, you should be ashamed of yourself because you must be lazy and lack self control and draining society's precious resources. If you're like me and exercise to the point near death experience and control yourselves to eat healthy and not to over eat, you should never be fat! It's super easy, something must be wrong with you if you can't accomplish something as simple as losing weight.'

    Maybe I have a reading comprehension problem again and reading too much between the lines. Maybe some of the GTXers that stormed off are just too sensitive too.

    Even if you refuse believe you are shaming fat folks here, would you agree society in general fat shames? People can form gay clubs, republican clubs, even Nazi clubs, but nobody would dare join fat club. That magazine cover is really an anomaly. Exception rather than the rule. Seriously doubt that'll start a I'mFatToo movement.
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    I do think one problem we have is that, as opposed to other situations, obesity is immediately seen and is difficult to ignore.

    People who smoke or do drugs, or have other issues, you wouldn't know unless you spent a lot of time around them, but obesity is always there and visible.

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