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Thread: Do all cheap mice suck these days?

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    IMO, the MX Master series really are the gold standard for (right-handed) productivity. My v1 is still fine after all this years, and I am still happily using my v2S.

    For more portable productivity, those other Logitechs are still great.

    For gaming it is, I think, more a matter of personal preference. I personally think the Mad Catz RAT models are the best, but can see hwy others like other types. It also depends on what game you're playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by George View Post
    ^ Interesting. I actually have a Logitech gaming mouse somewhere at home that I bought several years ago for a free first-person shooter called Contract Wars. I ended up getting banned from that game for cheating, even though I had no idea how to cheat and pretty much stunk at the game anyway. I found an ambush spot in one of the maps and kept killing people as they turned a corner and I guess one of my victims was an administrator who decided to take revenge. Cheap kills? Definitely. Cheating? No.

    I remember assigning the small extra buttons to switch weapons or something, but I had to download Logitech software to my Windows PC to be able to assign the buttons. I think I stopped using it because it always had a light on, even when the computer was idle, and I figured it was using unnecessary electricity. I'll have to dig it out of my box of miscellaneous PC parts at home and re-acquaint myself with it.

    Thanks to everyone for the replies.
    I think the Logi gaming devices app has a large enough library to cover your mouse.

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    I'm using exclusively MX Master...I have slight issues with the scroll wheel but other than that, agreed they're really nice

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