This might not mean as much to the non-aussies, but one of our greats Craig Lowdnes is retiring from the v8 supercar series.
Today was his last full time race. He will do enduros as a co-driver.

He has been a champion driver for many years - debut in 1996, won his first race (I was there!) and the title in his first season.
At Bathurst 1000 he got 2nd at his first attempt (prior to racing in the v8 series) and has won it 7 times (as well as 7 other podiums)
He has also won the Bathurst 12 hour several times including in a Ferrari 488 with Mika Salo.

But as amazing as his results have been, its his popularity with fans that has made him a true champion. Always with a smile, a great attitude, good in an interview. The nicest guy.
Interesting that comments from other drivers was typically "nicest guy, unless he is behind you"

So thanks Craig - lots of great memories. Plenty of champion sports people, but rarely are they champion people as well.