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Thread: Ethicum colloquium, the thread on human conduct.

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    For current tech. pace our life is too long or too short.

    Mastering one area takes decades, so it's one only for one person.
    Maybe two if you're exceptional.

    On the other hand, politician is a product of a period but is serving over many.

    200+ years could make the difference.
    On the other hand, visiting the same corner store 150 years.

    What kind of is a 10 generation household, a family building?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mk View Post
    On the other hand, visiting the same corner store 150 years.
    I get angry when people ask me "why would you want to live forever?" WHY NOT? Is your life that lacking in excitement, that lacking in a hunger for knowledge and enlightenment, that you think "I'll drink and smoke myself to death by 70, at least it'll be "fun!" I can't imagine myself ever getting bored with life. Unless I was in one of those Twilight Zone nightmare scenerios, like when the last dude alive loves to read books but breaks his only pair of glasses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dicknose View Post
    I do think we as a society need to discuss these issues. But its really hard - often these sorts of discussions are shut down instantly as "nazi eugenics" or "playing god".
    What if we could eradicate malaria or Alzheimers?
    Discussions can certainly be fun, but in the end, you know people won't be able to come to an agreement. Heck, people can't even agree on vaccines and climate change. So when locked in disagreements, what do we do? What do scientists do? Wait for Pope's permission? Wait for government's funding? Or depending on which way the wind blows, base it on the popular opinion?

    I personally have no issues if scientists are only trying to eradicate diseases... and may even indirectly prolong people's lives much much longer..., but other than that, we probably shouldn't be hacking into other people's genes and experiment with our future generations like that.

    If humanity could someday build a lifeform from scratch without using anybody's sperm and egg, then by all means, as the original manufacturer of this Frankenstein, feel free to experiment with it. Since we are not the original manufacturer of human beings, I say we leave it alone so that we won't end up voiding our warranty. As I stated earlier, we should only fix things when it seems obviously wrong. If you want cosmetic changes, get cosmetics or get a surgery. If you want to get good at something, work at it. Don't need to force our dreams onto our future generation. As parents, most important thing is to take care and love our children..., not to mold and shape or force them to do what we want them to do or even what we think is best for them. What the heck do we know? Let them live free. Offer them the best environment and just watch them grow.

    I think that's the bottomline ethics issue. If we do that, we won't be playing God and we won't have a Nazi regime.

    But of course I suspect we won't end up doing that. There'll always be people who wish to play God and be the next Hitler if he has the opportunity.
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