I just started catching up on this...I was familiar with it when it started and was thinking it wouldn't last, but it seems like it's getting more popular.

The new car IMO looks great, and they have some interesting new features. There's an attack mode which lights up blue LED's around the halo to show drivers ahead of them that they have 25 more hp for a short time. There's also a "fan boost" where they poll fans to give 5 drivers a very short burst of speed.

It's also interesting that the drivers do a short 3-4 second "intro" video at the bottom of the screen like your typical one, but if there's an incident during the race, they also filmed themselves being upset or sad, which is funny. So you'll be watching a car crash, then you'll see a "reaction" of the driver that they pre-recorded...silly, but unique.

The cars are all quite similar, so the racing is closer, and the tracks seem often to be a LOT narrower. The good thing about this season compared to previous ones is that the Gen 2 car can go the full race distance on a charge, whereas before they had to literally swap to a new car halfway through the race.

I'm excited that manufacturers are getting into this, because any battery improvements they make here will help electric cars on the road.