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Thread: Brexit (new thread)

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    Reacting to criticism over the plans, Johnson’s official spokesperson told reporters: “The withdrawal agreement and Northern Ireland protocol aren’t like any other treaty.

    It was agreed at pace in the most challenging possible political circumstances to deliver on a decision by the British people, with the clear overriding purpose of protecting the special circumstances of Northern Ireland.”

    But [European Council president Charles] Michel said the WA “has to be applied in full” and warned the prime minister that his approach “does not create the confidence” the EU needs to tie up a long-term trade deal.

    Source: Boris Johnson's New Excuse For Breaking The Law? He Negotiated His Brexit Deal Too Quickly

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    Worth noting that by breaking international law, Johnson isn't solving the Irish Border problem. All he's doing is claiming the chance to scrub his previous wrong answer, and go back and pick a different choice from the set of available answers, all of which are wrong.

    also, the Irish Border forms one link in the mobius strip of Brexit impossibility

    Johnson has been claiming that they need freedom from EU rules on State Aid in order to fund the British tech giants of the future. Which is surprising, given that the govt doesn't have an effective policy on decisive support for tech companies here, still less one which has run up against the constraints of EU rules. And given that perhaps the biggest issue for such companies is being able to freely recruit suitable employees from overseas, rather than having to beg the Home Office for visas. And that substantial support for otherwise unviable companies is a policy closely associated with 1970s Labour governments, and anathema to free-market Tories.

    So people are wondering whether this is just a pretext for having a fight with the EU, or if there really is a new interventionist policy coming, that just hasn't launched yet.

    Johnson has made a lot of noise and then backed down previously, remains to be seen if he'll do that again now or not. Will be interesting to see the economic and political fallout of a no-deal Brexit on 1st Jan, if it goes that way.

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