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    Funny thing about that Cleveland disaster is a few weeks before the Indians and Rangers had gotten into a brawl during a game in Arlington. This night both teams armed themselves with bats and came to each other's aid. The beer in question is Carling Black Label. Not even sure if it's brewed any more.

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    I remember my Dad and the neighbors drinking Carling Black Label when I was a kid.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Servo
    It seemed like a bad idea when I realized there were like 8 year old kids in the stands chanting "cheap beer, cheap beer!"

    Kids know more than adults give them credit for. I'm learning that with my own kids all the time.

    I remember a fifty cent beer night in the early '80s at a minor league game that I went to with my Dad, his friend, and his friend's son who was a year older than me. I was maybe twelve or thirteen and remember a bunch of drunk people but nothing bad happened (that I knew of). I might not have remembered the part about the cheap beer except my father still apologizes to me for driving home that night when we get to laughing about the good ol' days. At that game, they also brought a long, narrow trough filled with ice cream for kids to run down to the field and eat between innings. I remember not going, thinking I was too old for such childish foolishness and also that it was pretty gross. The other kid went down and got his fill.

    Times have changed at ball parks. We got to go to a Colorado Rockies game last summer and I was telling my kids they'd see all kinds of cool stuff on the sidelines in between innings, like mascots dressed in silly costumes driving ATVs around, bringing people down from the stands for contests like foot races against the mascot, trying to throw balls into far-away barrels to win prizes, and whatever other foolishness to keep the crowd entertained while the pitcher throws a few warm-up pitches and the team that had been at bat takes the field again.

    Nah. They did very little of that, and what they did was all on the jumbo-tron screen, such as going into the stands with a video cameras and microphones and asking fans trivia questions about the team, baseball in general, and whatever else. The fans cheered when they answered correctly and enthusiastically booed when they didn't. I mean, that's okay, of course, but very different from the sideshow antics in the days of plain old scoreboards in the outfield instead of today's technology.

    You guys are surely sick of me mentioning the southern rock/alt-country/Americana band Drive-By Truckers, but I gotta say, the story of ten cent beer night sounds just like the kind of historical tales the DBT tell in some of their songs - lots of getting drunk and raising hell for sure, but with a level of wit and intelligence far above the typical "rock and roll all night and party ever-y day". While listening to that video, I couldn't help but think that my favorite band could (and should!) write a funny and sad song about what went down that night in Cleveland in 1974.

    "Stories of corruption, crime and killing, yes it's true
    Greed and fixed elections, guns and drugs and whores and booze"

    - lyrics from a DBT song that describe much of their work
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    I think my Madison story was maybe twenty years ago or so, so not sure how much things have changed, but at least the time going to a minor league game was *way* different (and better) than going to a major league one. I wonder how much they're still like that? Makes me sad there isn't really a lot in the way of minor league stuff near where I live.

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