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Thread: Visit to Honda Collection Hall, Motegi

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    Yeah obvs big exhibits like that are pretty well glued in place. But these mechanical Picassos get shared around, taken to events, used at Goodwood.

    If you visit the McLaren Technology Centre on Google Maps you can take a virtual walk inside and look at the cars on display, plus peek into the service area where Classic McLarens are maintained and kept in running order.

    That is where these particular cars will go in-between trips to museums around the world.

    Porsche is very liberal with its collection. Old Porsches go on world tours to dealerships and classic racing events all the time.

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    Fantastic photos and story, samoht! Thanks for sharing.

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    Thanks Tom! Awesome pics and notations.

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    Certainly some of the main exhibits are the same as when I was there (I think around 2012?) but yeah, they definatley change. I've seen some of senna's old cars regularly at the F1 in the Honda exhibit and looking through my photos I do have photos of #27 in the museum Even looking at the ones I thought were the same (the 60's F1 car and GP bike taken from above) apart from the fact Samoht and I took an almost identical photo the F1 car in my picture is #11 driven by Ginther, not the #12 in Samohts. So yes, they change things about, even when you don't think they have

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