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Thread: E3 2019

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil_SS View Post
    There’s a new behind-closed-doors demo at E3 this year.

    Here’s a lengthy report on it. I’ve only read the first 1/4.

    Hopefully they’ll do the same as last year and release the full video of it online in a few weeks.

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    The game I'm most excited about? Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. And it's out in a month!

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    Just saw LA Department of Water & Power provide an update on a downtown LA outage that includes the convention center. That's gotta make E3 get real boring real quick. EDIT: Looks like they got power back at 4:20pm. Woooooo, smoke weed erry day!
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    I'm stoked for Flight Simulator, though it looks like I need to drop about $5k to run it Hopefully it's more Flight Simulator and less Microsoft Flight.

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