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Thread: Farting at the Urinal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    If you can’t fart in a bathroom, where can you fart? Let’er rip.
    This! You go to the bathroom to ... evacuate, solids and liquids. Why not the gasses, if not just to complete the three states of matter?
    I wager there is no more appropriate place to let er rip than the bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crazed_Insanity View Post
    You must fart laughing gas or something?
    Back when I worked in a factory there was usually somebody in one of the two stalls and ripping ass usually got a laugh out of the ripper and the person in the other stall.

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    Holy cow! The Raucous Rippers have taken the lead over the Taciturn Tricklers!

    Will the Tricklers turn the tide, or will the Rippers rule the roost?

    Stay tuned, folks.

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    The red group obviously gerrymandered the voting results to get ahead. Freaking assholes who just can't get their stinky gas to "Remain" in their gut and had to "Trumpetxit' it out while peeing.

    There are also the toilet stalls you know? Aren't you afraid of accidentally staining your underwear? Urinal is for peeing only.

    Multi-tasking is way over-rated. Focus just on peeing please.

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    Where better?

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