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Thread: F1 2020

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    For a paid driver with a rich daddy, you have to admit Stroll has some talent. If I have a rich dad who bought me a team, I’m not sure if I could be better than Stroll...

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    Quote Originally Posted by samoht View Post
    Another son-of-a-champion, Nelson Piquet Junior, was dropped halfway through his second F1 season by Renault for being useless. He then revealed that he'd agreed with Briatore to deliberately drive into a wall at Singapore in 2008, in order to bring out a safety car and allow his teammate Alonso to arrange a beneficial pit stop strategy, resulting in him winning the race. So maybe you're thinking of him ? He is definitely considered disgraced.
    Thankyou. Yes. Sorry.

    Nelson Piquet didn't show up in my attempted searches for F1 scandals, however.

    So I will de-confuse the two now...

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