I thought I should make a separate thread now I've bought the car. (Link back to purchase thread http://gtxforums.net/showthread.php?...ing-for-a-350Z ).

Yesterday went out for a drive on the country lanes outside Cambridge. It was raining, and got dark, but I had a fun drive anyway. Incidentally the xenon lights on this car are night and day better than the nineties cars I've had previously.

The MPS4 tyres have made a real difference, either it's taking full throttle or the traction control is being quite subtle. Either way, really impressive wet grip, especially given the Z has slightly less of its weight over the rear wheels than the RX-7 does. Well worth binning the cheapo mixed tyres it came on that left me slithering under power in the wet.

I'm kinda starting to get used to the odd clutch, possibly with a few more weekend drives I might get to the point where it's natural. The power is great, I find it hard to compare as there's less sensation of speed than the FD, but I don't think it's far off at all against the clock. The handling is also good, the steering is very precise and the car is stable, so it's easy to place.

The only downside is the brakes, which I keep needing to put more muscle into than I expect to stop - although I now know why. I took the car to the local Nissan garage for a service last week, on the basis that it's not that dear in the grand scheme of things. They did the major service, but said that the front brake discs are rusty and need replacing, plus pads all round - they quoted total of over 1600 !! Obviously this is nonsense, as the Nissan front discs are available for a few hundred quid elsewhere.
Anyway the Carbon Lorraine CL5+ pads have been brought forward, and the car's going back to the independent garage that fitted the tyres on Tuesday, to have new front discs and the pads fitted. I had a bit of luck here, the boss initially said that they won't fit customer-supplied parts as it causes too many problems when things don't work, however I was able to talk him into fitting the CL5 pads for me, on the proviso that it's at my own risk. Turns out he has a 370Z himself with a few nice mods, so that's good. They're walking distance from the office and handled the supplier's tyre mixup very well, so I'm quite happy to be using them.

The Sony head unit has come, but I've now ordered the steering wheel controls adapter leads and a stereo surround, so I'm holding off on fitting it until them - only taking the interior apart once sounds preferable.

Deferred is sorting the bodywork, may wait a bit for this.

Sometime soon I'm going to try and do a little 'back to back' comparison drive between this and the RX-7. In theory I'm just trying to get the RX-7 fixed (again) so I can sell it. In practice I keep having doubts, I like the 350Z a lot but I have a sneaking suspicion I'll regret selling on the FD. I *can* keep them both in the short term, although I don't particularly like leaving the Z out in the rain.

Also on the todo list is washing the car and getting some proper photos of it!

PS A huge thank you to everyone who's given me advice so far, I really appreciate the help and I'm very happy with the car.