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Thread: Samoht's 2007 Nissan 350Z HR

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    Yeah, glad to have the sale go smoothly and get it done before Christmas, I wasn't really trying to build up a collection of three-hundred-and-something-hp cars ;-)

    Hopefully you can see this pic, the arm's meant to be on the bush, not resting on the bottom I think! The other side was exactly the same.
    I honestly felt nothing amiss driving the car! I don't know whether having them both equally disconnected on both sides meant the wandering cancelled out or something. Also, I know from past experience that I'm quite good at correcting for problems while driving but very bad at noticing them, I can be putting in quite a bit of lock to compensate for an issue and not really notice. Anyway I'm glad it was found before it went, I would have felt bad if I'd sold the car like that even unaware, would like to think if I'm selling a car it's in reasonable condition.
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    Good stuff, esp for peace of mind, man.

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