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Thread: Xbox Series X

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    Finally got my hands on a Series X, it's kind of crazy how exactly the same, but faster, it is compared to the One X. MS is definitely going for a unified feel across consoles.

    Transferring games was foiled a couple times due to them needing to be redownloaded completely for Series X features, so now I'm over my data cap

    But I did pickup a couple years of XBL Gold, then converted it to Game Pass, so that's cool. Checked out Flight Simulator and it's as gorgeous as advertised. Other than that, I've only tested previous gen games, which all work smoother/faster.

    Oh, and being able to quick resume multiple games is fucking amazing.

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    Microsoft has built 20 years of Xbox museum, and it can be accessed here:

    There's also a trophy room, where signing into your Xbox Live account will display your first login to Live, your most played games, number of achievements, etc.

    Mine are 5th of January 2004, Forza Motorsport 2, and 673.

    Pretty dang cool

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    It didn't give me my first login date, but did say my most played game (out of 332) was Forza 6, and # of achievements is 1233.

    And it won't load my personal museum past the graphic.
    Get that weak shit off my track

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    Anyone from NZ, their stats are borked.
    When we first got Xbox Live, we had to create an account as an.......Australian.
    Then when NZ got their own region, our original account got wiped and we started again.
    I can remember getting a console, "The Beast entertainment pack" around the end of 2003.
    It also came with Crimson Skies and PGR2, I think that may have been another add on.
    I still have the console, in a box in working order. It's outlasted my launch PS2 and a launch X360.

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