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Thread: Weird screen flicker problem

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    Weird screen flicker problem

    Hay guys,

    So I'm having this annoying issue with my PC. In the last few weeks it has started to switch its output to displaying incredibly over saturated colours if really bright images are appearing in videos. It seems to be related to displaying HDR somehow, but I have no idea why, and it happens with both HDR and SDR content, on YouTube and other sources, though I haven't tested it with Netflix etc or while playing games. I have to turn HDR off in the Windows display settings to stop it from happening.

    Anyone know what might be causing this? It feels like it started doing this all by itself, but it could've been a Windows update. I'd try google a solution but typing "Weird screen flicker problem" into the search would retrieve a lot of unrelated results.

    GPU is an RTX 2070 FE with the latest drivers.

    Demonstration videos have been attached for your viewing pleasure. Note that the flicker happens after I go fullscreen and returns to normal when I go back to not-fullscreen. It's hard to tell the difference because phone cameras work differently to the way the human eye does, but you can definitely see the flicker (it even does it when I playback my video of the video off YouTube!) A screen capture would be ideal but the Nvidia recording feature doesn't do HDR at all so it's pointless.

    SDR content:

    HDR content:

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    What kind of a back light the screen has?

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