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Thread: Gran Turismo 7

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    I have to say that this is feeling far less like a slog than FM7 for me. I'm also really vastly preferring how the cars feel. I just did the "collect 3 Alfas" menu item in an E46 M3. That was really fun, the car had just enough power to get twitchy going over crests, and the feeling of the rain getting worse and worse at the Red Bull Ring was pretty impressive. A little slippery to start, then just a horrible deluge by the end where you're just struggling to keep the tires underneath the car.

    I've missed this GT more than I realized.

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    Holy hell, it's easy to spin just about anything on the banked tracks. I don't remember that from before.

    I'm enjoying the BMW 3.0 CSL immensely. Tom Servo - I just did the Alfa menu thing using it and had some pretty epic battles with a newer Mercedes something-or-other (don't keep track of their models and they're all hideous these days anyway). Won by .015 at Alsace and have yet to win at Sardegna.
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    D) all of the above

    oh how I've missed "simple" console sim racing

    oh how I've missed prize cars i wouldn't have bought

    oh how I've missed punting stupid ai into sand traps

    i thought the cafe menu gimmick was annoying *until i collected four porsches*

    really enjoying the "maaaaybe the weather will change?" aspect. with only a top three finish required to progress, a little bit of pressure is off and man is that fun. watched two ai porsches take each other out in the cup race at spa.

    i have complaints (hitting a polygon wrong sends me flying ala gt2) but no time to really worry about the little things.

    needs more lotus, more tvr, and will we ever see another vector?

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    On rear wheel drive cars… I, like everyone else, have been struggling with some of them simply rotating too much in corners. Tires helps a lot, but not completely, they still do wonky things it feels like. So I started messing more with the LSD since I don’t think it’s a traction issue (could be very wrong, I’m dumb), and that seems to be helping more. But things still feel off?

    Next complaint… why the fuck isn’t there a weather forecast before races start? I’ve now run into multiple races where I had slicks and suddenly mid race it starts raining. Christ.

    Oh, and you can’t just paint the hood/wing carbon fiber. You have to paint the entire car carbon fiber, then fill in the non carbon fiber bits with decals. Meaning no manufacturer/special colors in combination with a carbon fiber hood/wing.
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    I've been finding being really gentle about leaning into high speed corners helps a lot with that over-rotation, but it still feels exaggerated. The ~600 M3 I've been using was rotating on Curva Grande in 4th until I tried to ease it into the corner to try to avoid unsettling the car too much and it held traction every time I did that.

    Definitely a band-aid on a real issue, but in the meantime I've found that helpful.

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    massive downforce and too much negative camber kinda works until SNAP it doesn't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason View Post
    Oh, and you canít just paint the hood/wing carbon fiber. You have to paint the entire car carbon fiber, then fill in the non carbon fiber bits with decals. Meaning no manufacturer/special colors in combination with a carbon fiber hood/wing.
    Try painting your car in the livery editorís paint menu (not the decal menu). Once you apply a paint it then splits the car into different sections and Iím pretty sure that will allow you to do what you are wanting.

    Edit: never mind, I just checked and you canít combine carbon with other colours, just as you were describing. That sucks.
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    I've been anticipating and quite hyped up for this game for quite a while, but after a couple days of playing it the hype/anticipation level is now below that of other games i own but haven't played yet. Because of the negative reasons below, one of which is so bad i created a petition (see standalone topic), i just don't have much of a desire to play it at the moment. Maybe it's just the excitement wearing off too quick, but part of me is also hoping some things get fixed in future updates. Which i also somewhat doubt too.

    My plus and minus list so far (that i can remember).

    The positives
    + Graphics have somehow got even better than GT Sport, in every way. Lighting is incredible, sun reflections, headlights, wet weather effects (like not being able to see anything of other cars than their headlights sometimes) and so on. By far the best looking car game i've ever played.

    + Pleasantly surprised to see the Testarossa in the game. It's a car i was wanting, but never expected to get (mind you, i thought i'd never see the F50 in a GT game either).
    + Loving the huge amount of customisation available for a number of cars: bodykits, licence plate deletes (wasn't expecting - i take the front plates off of almost every car i modify), all rims/paints available straight away (if you have money), roll cages (wasn't expecting), widebody kits, spoilers, front grill customisation (wasn't expecting), bonnet latches (wasn't expecting) etc etc. Also love how liveries can cover chrome body parts (like on the old Mini Cooper) and some windows.

    + Car sounds have gotten better still, i think. Mitsi GTO fully upgraded sounds epic. Getting sick of the kids at GTPlanet saying cars still sound like vacuum cleaners. They must have fvcking nice sounding vaccums then! GT has never had so much transmission whine, pops, crackles and so on.

    + I like how some tracks from GT Sport have had visual changes/upgrades, and in some cases new sections of track added.
    + I like the cafe system, for now. Do kinda miss the old layout of GT games, but i'm giving this idea a fair chance in GT7, so not trying to think negatively of it at the mo. It's making me drive and experience vehicles i may not have tried otherwise. Which could be the point.

    + Glad the used car dealership is back, but it doesn't seem to change much, very often?
    + In a way i'm glad that the prices of cars have gotten as expensive as they can get in real life, i.e. with R34's over $400k now i think. In another way i'm not glad, as i need more money!
    + Dynamic weather is awesome. Love being able to turn wipers on and off if i please too. If i don't, it's fun watching the droplets on the windscreen tear off at speed, jitter around over bumps and stay clustered together sometimes as they do in real life when wipers get turned off.

    + Time of day progression is also awesome, and i forgot how much i missed it from GT6. Headlight projection onto objects is cool (road signs get quite glare-y for example) and happy to see ai cars headlights work properly too.
    + Don't mind the music so far. It's about what i expect in a GT game.
    + Music Rally is ... different. I like it so far.

    And the negatives, some of which are actually ruining the game for me (in caps).
    - ROLLING START RACES. I'm so freaking over this crappy way of starting races. I wouldn't mind as much if they did rolling starts like they do in real races - double file, packed together - but not separated in a single line, with the race only starting as you in last place cross the finish line, with the guy in 1st already at the second or third corner. FFS Polyphony, STOP THIS SH1T!

    - HORSEPOWER MAX. I've only fully modded a couple of cars so far, but am already annoyed that some vehicles are down 4-500hp from what they were able to get in GT1. Whereas in real life most cars in videogames can easily and somewhat reliably get more than 1,000hp. Skylines, Supras, Mustangs, Porsches, Lamborghinis, anything with a V8 and so on. But for some stupid reason, Polyphony have been steadily been decreasing the max HP since GT1 - i know because every successive game i always mod the 'usual suspects' and quickly discover they are not as powerful as they once were.

    - LOW TRACTION LIMITS. Wet races i'm okay with, i know that everything gets slippery - i've oversteered and understeered enough in my real cars to realise this. But the traction in the dry, as some of you have already mentioned, is worse than ever (i'm not going to sugar coat it with reasons why it could be more realistic like this or not - i'm not playing Project Cars or other such sim-ier games, i don't need to nor want to be nervous around every damn corner and while accelerating along every damn straight. That is NOT Gran Turismo. This is the first GT game ever where i've had to turn traction control on (and in some cases countersteer assist etc too) to drive normal road cars in such a way that i don't spin out.
    It's honestly making me feel like i'm playing a more serious game like Project Cars (which i gave up on pretty quick after spinning too many times) and not a Gran Turismo game. It is not fun, even though i really was trying to come to grips with it (no pun intended) and thought i was getting the hang of it in some races. But then BOOM, around i go yet again. These three things are the main contributors that are giving me almost zero inclination to play the game at the moment instead of something else. Battlefield 1, Far Cry New Dawn, Minecraft, Forza Horizon 4, Ace Combat 7 and Farming Simulator 20 all give me slightly higher inclinations to play at the moment.

    - Don't like how some cars don't have as much customisation as others, but that's just me being greedy. Same deal with cars that i think should have more than the lots they already do, greed.
    - Still miss my car horns from GT6.
    - Wee bit gutted there's no non GT-R Skylines in the game. But hopefully one day.
    - Still waiting for the McLaren P1.
    - I do NOT like the new Trial Mountain layout. The track environs itself have never looked better and we no longer have the boring repetitive texture 'walls' along the back straight etc. But i don't like how wide the track now is, how flat it now is, how the back and front straights are significantly longer/more drawn out, how the last corner is so slow now and yadda yadda. I know why they did it, to fit more cars in the pits in online modes, but i just don't like it's new layout. I'd feel a 110% better if they released an offline only 'original' layout Trial Mountain, with the same environmental look it has now.
    - I'm also not too fond of the new Deep Forest either, for the same reasons as above. But environmentally it too looks better than ever, it's just the changing of the layout that irks me. Polyphony, when we say we want the original tracks back, we mean the original tracks. We don't mind if you alter the track environs, but not the layout! Again, i'd feel 110% better if an offline original layout version was added.
    - Getting annoyed at not being able to enter races because i've got the wrong tyres on - give me the option to change them then and there so that i don't have to backtrack four or five pages to the tuning page to change them!
    - Some missions/licence tests/races etc would be better if the menu had the option to go to the next event, instead of having to go back to the main menu area to go to the next event. I know the option is actually there for some events, but not all.
    - Bring back qualifying.
    - Bring back the ability to see the options people use in the leaderboards menu (you used to be able to see if they used TCS, ABS, steering wheel/controller (?), manual or auto and so on. I was going through the licence tests trying to beat as many people on my friends lists times as i could, but not knowing if the really fast times were done with or without aids is a bit annoying.
    - Still no New Zealand tracks. I'd love to see Highlands Motorsport Park in the game, but would be happy with anything from NZ.
    - Plus a number of things you guys have already mentioned.

    So yeah. My excitement level is lower than i ever thought it would be barely a week in.

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    Oh, and you canít just paint the hood/wing carbon fiber. You have to paint the entire car carbon fiber, then fill in the non carbon fiber bits with decals. Meaning no manufacturer/special colors in combination with a carbon fiber hood/wing.
    part of me knows you're gonna hate this workaround but the other part of me is me, so.

    matte k2 is a really good carbon substitute.

    (imagine my florescent yellow celica gt4 with faux carbon hood and white oz really wheels here bc i can't post pics)

    also for weather reports read what the little gt academy talking heads have to say. sometimes they say IT'S RAINING TODAY DON'T BRING SLICKS GUH GUH GUH.

    still waiting to find the cuda race head. : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkylineObsession View Post
    - Getting annoyed at not being able to enter races because i've got the wrong tyres on - give me the option to change them then and there so that i don't have to backtrack four or five pages to the tuning page to change them!
    I might be wrong, but I thought you could go into the settings at the race track and go to advanced settings to change your tires...ahem....tyres

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