Out of my love for bizarre and unique cell phones, I discovered that the price of a like-new Red Hydrogen one smartphone had dropped to very low levels, so I bought one. It's my first "new" smartphone since my Galaxy Note Edge that came out in 2014, and was the first smartphone with a curved screen. So, just moving from a 2014 phone to a 2018 one is a huge jump in performance for me. It's a little sad because I think the 3D display is actually pretty cool. But now knowing that the phone is a massive flop, it's a bit like looking at a future that might have been. There is a pathetic amount of content actually in 3D for this phone, and there surely isn't any more coming.

I never wanted to get a smartphone that I couldn't easily swap out the battery on since I tend to keep phones for many years, but I bit the bullet and made an exception for this. Even still, I'm pretty bummed that this funky phone seems like it's destined for the scrap heap in a few years once the battery wears out, being that it will almost certainly be impossible to buy a replacement battery for it by then. Any suggestions on how to keep it going past that point are welcome.