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Thread: Facebook Hiatus

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    I remain blissfully unaware of a few of the people on that list, but Dan Bongino I unfortunately know about.

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    That's all I needed to know about that person. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blerpa View Post
    Right to speech is protected only in case of government actions that could damage it.
    Facebook could (and should) ban rightwing idiots out and not a thing they could do about it.

    Always amazes me I'm a foreigner from the other side of the pond and I know your legislation better than many of your country fellows.
    Also I find hilarious, if not fundamentally pathetic, your whole country lives in a wild free reign capitalist macho system where companies are deemed the right to do whatever they please at expense of workers and common people in the name of profit... but then you whine like babies about companies harming your right to speech (which is not protected in the instances in question).
    On fucking point.

    Well done.

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