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Thread: Samoht - Mercedes C55 AMG Estate

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    No CarPlay!

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    A Christmas visit to family in Yorkshire, and a walk near Blakey Ridge yielded a chance to drive back from the Lion Inn to Hutton-le-Hole, favoured moorland road of Brit car mags. The V8 was relatively little-needed due to the mostly downhill slope, but the handling was good, it finds a nice rhythm with the road and has a good balance of bump absorption and body control, being forgiving when you need to brake into a corner.

    Sorry no pics, it was blowing a gale and freezing up on the ridge so I didn't want to take my gloves off to faff taking photos.

    It was also pretty comfortable on the three-hour drive to and from Cambridge, cruise is good too. I'm still loving the power and how smoothly it accelerates.

    I did manage to flatten the battery once, I think it's perhaps got a bit of a current drain. After a little google I'm guessing the malfunctioning CD player is the most likely culprit, so replacing the head unit has moved up the priority list. Anyway I've now got a jump-start pack and a charger so can manage the issue for the time being, it's only needed help starting once so far.

    Overall I'm finding myself with a distinct 'Mercedes feeling' behind the wheel, a mixture of comfort, wellbeing, satisfaction and (to be honest) a soupcon of smugness. I'm not sure what causes this feeling, how much it's the heated leather seats, torquey engine/auto box combo and smooth-edged way it goes down the road, and how much it's the social construct surrounding the brand.

    PS new head unit will be running Android Auto off my phone, unless my wife hooks her phone up in which case it'll be CarPlay ;-)
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