The Yaris proportions are off because it's the shortest & tallest car of the group.

WB = Wheelbase

               WB       Lgth    Hgth
GR Yaris     100.8"    157.3"   57.3"
22B           99.2"    171.9"   54.7"
Quattro S1    86.8"    166.9"   52.9"
911 (992)     95.5"    178.5"   50.7"
Watched Harry Metcalfe's review of the GR Yaris and he compared the length/wheel base to the 911.

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So hot.

Here I am thinking that the Yaris is kinda cool (the other two I think are much, much cooler) but may have been better if it was based on a larger car like a Corolla instead.

But then, I look at the picture below and it is actually bigger than both of them. It's the 3-door hatch proportions that throw me off. What it really needs is more powah.

Sadly, we will never see the potential behind this car in full WRC spec. It's the vestigial remnant of an unfortunately-timed rule change, but at least a handful of lucky motorists may still benefit from that.