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Thread: 2017 Corvette Grand Sport

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    It's boring sometimes shooting hdpe...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kchrpm View Post
    I don't know, just seeing my face in there, it looks strange.
    The lack of enthusiastic grinning is a concern.

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    Right? I should at least photoshop a big dumb smile on there if I'm going to make it a Christmas card.
    Get that weak shit off my track

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    I dunno man… I know it’s kinda hard to see the faces of professional race car drivers’ face, but I kinda doubt they’d be grinning while driving an awesome race car… maybe grinning after a great lap or a win, but not during, right?

    Or just look at any other professionals in whatever field… do you see musicians playing with grins on their faces during their performances? Professional athletes? Professional porn actors?

    If you grin while doing something pleasurable which also requires a lot of concentration, that’ll probably make you look more like a novice doofus!

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