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Thread: Forza Horizon 5

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    Finally got some time to do this week's stuff. I did the couple of events that got me new cars or wheelspins, got the couple of Extreme E cars, then went to try the Hot Wheels DLC. Started in on the "exhibition" to open it and it froze up and crashed.

    I get the distinct impression based on what I'm seeing on Reddit that I am not the only one this is happening to. I might give it a couple of weeks before I try again.

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    After update it froze and crashed three times in a row.
    Then I was able to play.
    I've yet to finish all the season stuff, and I've just moved out of B Rank in Hot Wheels DLC.
    Hot Wheels physics (they are slightly different than base game, it seems) and visual changes feels terrible to me.
    I did reset all the viewing angles same as the base game.
    Trick indicator makes this feel like a retarded mix of Trackmania and Hot Wheels game.
    I've no faith anymore in the game at all.
    And oh... green plasticky dragon in the Volcano area of HW DLC.
    That to me screams of Lego DLC coming right after.
    I truly wasted 100 euros on a glary and boring Fortnite on wheels.

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    Yup, I had it crash two or three times before working just fine. Very strange.

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