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Thread: F1 2022 Season - "Big Wheels"

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    F1 2022 Season - "Big Wheels"

    F1’s new era is coming!

    With the seats for 2022 now falling into place and plenty of technical changes, it feels like time to start a new thread for the 2022 season.

    Aero: much more prescriptive aero regulations, aiming at clean shapes, less sensitive airflow, and much reduced turbulent wake for a following car. Complemented by the abandonment of the flat floor in favour of two ground-effect tunnels either side of the cockpit.

    Wheels: 18” wheels instead of today’s 13” items (as per F2 now)

    Testing: Increased differentiation of testing allowances by championship position (twice as much as this year, so a 5% reduction per place gained in championship standings)

    Engines: Teams can introduce a new engine for 2022, which spec will then be frozen and used unchanged for 2023/24 also. Honda are understood to be preparing a final 2022 engine as a leaving gift for Red Bull.


    Mercedes Hamilton / Russell
    Red Bull Verstappen / Perez
    McLaren Norris / Ricciardo
    Ferrari Leclerc / Sainz
    Alpine Ocon / Alonso
    Alpha Tauri Gasly / Tsunoda
    Aston Martin Stroll / Vettel
    Williams Latifi / Albon
    Alfa Romeo Bottas / Zhou
    Haas Schumacher / Magnussen

    Italics for the moves that appear likely but haven't yet been announced.

    Thoughts on expected/hoped for driver moves? Predictions for who'll do best with the new regs?
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