I'm asking for an example because you keep speaking in generalities, like there's this foregone conclusion that all universities are now just this left-wing hellscape, the existence (and success) of groups like Turning Point USA being notably ignored. A dictionary definition of political correctness is an example of a definition, not an example of this "being shoved down someone's throat." Beyond that, you mentioned this in relation to CRT, which the whole controversy there is that supposedly this is all being taught in public schools prior to college/university.

My main point is that I think the media you consume is leading you to believe that the woke left has taken over all schooling from preschool to graduate school and that you're uncritically believing that. I don't doubt that there are instances of things happening, just like there are instances of teachers telling their students that vaccines are demonic and that Trump won in 2020.

Speaking of definitions, what's your definition of cancelled? What criticism is okay? If I choose not to spend money on a movie because I find it offensive, am I participating in cancel culture? What if I tell other people that I feel that way? What's the line there? I feel like under your definition I have to support everything no matter what it is or else I'm part of cancel culture.

Who's hunting rednecks? Are they being hunted for sport? Lynched? Eaten? What hunting is happening?

But besides that, your definition of privilege is not what people are talking about when they talk about privilege. Privilege in this context doesn't mean "all white people are successful and rich." It means that, as a general rule, white people have fewer disadvantages for a given socio-economic level than non-white people. For example, a rich white person is probably not likely to be treated the same as Salehe Gembury was for a jaywalking offense in Beverly Hills. A poor white person is less likely to get pulled over for a pretext traffic stop. Here in LA, there was just an article showing that Hispanic people on bikes were massively more likely to get stopped and searched/interrogated by LASD than other races. Privilege does not mean that you are rich and successful by default if you're white and you have no chance to be rich and successful if you're not. It just means that there's a structure in place that tends to make it harder for non-white people to be successful than white people. The existence of a poor white person does not contradict that, just like the presence of a rich black person doesn't contradict that.

As far as KR's victims go, the problem here is that they never got a chance to defend themselves in court. We don't know their thinking and we can never know their thinking. They may have thought they were protecting the crowd from a maniac with a gun. We'll never know. But there is a *huge* difference between verdicts and facts. Verdicts are judgment calls made by humans. Facts are...well...facts. There is no such thing as an "alternative fact." There may be alternative interpretations of facts, but facts are facts.

To me, though, diversity and tolerance doesn't mean that everyone's opinions are equally valid. Part of the marketplace of ideas is that ideas can come from everyone, but it also means that some ideas are shit and will be pushed out by the marketplace. You don't deserve a seat at the table just because you have an idiotic hot take.

And yes. All vigilantes should stay at home. Vigilantes are bad. We have trained and uniformed people who are empowered by the state to enforce the law. Having randos with guns out there is bad.

Speaking of, the "roof Koreans" were brought up in the other thread. I did a little research into what happened during the riots. Four people were killed in Koreatown during that. Two of them are unsolved (to the extent that they have no idea if the people killed were looting or just happened to be there), but in the other two deaths, they were people killed by friendly fire from people defending their businesses. One was a security guard, the other was someone coming to assist their family/friends in defending the store.

Vigilantism is *bad*. Full stop. An insured storefront can be rebuilt. Those lives can't.