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    Itís the Canadian govt compelling him to dance to a certain tuneÖ and you are saying Peterson is mischaracterizing thatÖ nobody is really compelling him to danceÖ and if he doesnít dance, then he must be an asshole.

    Thatís the power of PC. If you donít submit to its correctness, you are always the asshole.

    He is very clear with his statement that you quoted. If you genuinely wish to be called a certain pronoun, heís fine with that. But if you are the asshole bully trying to paint him as the asshole bully, then he will tell you to fuck off.

    Who is the ultimate bully here?

    The left think itís the right and the right think itís the left.

    Video footage is clearÖ the chasing aggressor is more bullish according to the jurors.

    Jordan Peterson got famous just as KR. They fought against the liberal bullies and won and therefore will forever remain assholes because of that.

    I just donít see it that way.

    These conflicts/fights really should not even happen in the 1st place.

    We shouldnít enact such laws in the 1st place. KR should not try to be a vigilante and protesters should not be destroying properties.

    How hard it is to just say and dance for me and be nice? How hard is it to watch your store burn down? Insurance will pay you back! Donít be an asshole like Jordan!
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