Last weekend I took some shit to the recycling center at our apartment, and there was a sub sitting there. Looked, it was a Polk 505. I thought, don't really need another one, but what the hell.

Brought it home, wasn't surprised it didn't work. Who "throws out" a $500 sub? That said, the plate amp was toast. I called Polk, no stock. Looked at getting a non-polk plate amp for it, that was about $350.

Decided "fuck that" and ordered an SVS SB-1000 Pro for $500.

Hooked it up, still need to play with the settings/tweak it, but I'm genuinely impressed.

I have it under my desk for use on my PC (running an optical cable from the motherboard to an older Yamaha receiver). Last fall I bought a Klipsch R-12SW (12" sub), it does well for $200. But the SVS, I can tell already after an hour of use, kicks the Klipsch in the balls. Hell the SVS would fit inside the Klipsch, and it kicks it a new asshole.

That said, I've been wanting to try SVS for a long time, I started with the "baby" sub, that is in no way representative of its performance. I wish I had a house, I'd probably just go for the gold and get the PB16 Ultra, their 175 pound monster.

I may have my "go to" for future reference.

No point to this post, I blame the Tito's.