Yeah, funnily enough I did think last night, how is it legal that anyone can just go and buy something this crazy? And I also thought, although I have no experience, this must be getting up into fast-bike territory in terms of how fast it gains speed between the corners. Motorbiking is just a whole different set of trade-offs in terms of dynamics, clothing and risk, as well as obviously the price of entry, exactly as you say. Actually it makes me happy to think that this kind of thrill isn't closed off to only the more fortunate, but nearly anyone who's dedicated enough can probably get themselves a half-decent bike and enjoy it.

I take your point about taking care. It's far too much fun not to start dipping into the performance and trying to get the car into a flow, but I'm certainly keen to ease myself into it and build up slowly, and to be more conscious of just how fast I'm still travelling when I come off the brakes to turn in. The 'moment' last night wasn't that dramatic in fact, not like a half-spin or anything, but it was a good warning. I'm also planning to get it along to a specialist for geometry setup, that'll also let them check it's all sensible.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to everyone for their input on this thread, it's been an enjoyable and thought-provoking process over the past nine months.

Since I've now got the car, I thought I'd start a new thread for my ownership, together with some more pics - see here