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Thread: 2022 Sucks

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    Finally got a replacement for the TL. A white 2019 TLX A-spec with very low kms. Got it a couple of weeks ago actually, but haven't had a chance to take pictures because it's been dark and gloomy here as it's getting colder. Will snap a few pics and post in the Garage this weekend. 290hp which is 15 less than the TL but the car feels faster and much more solid. I've driven it only a handful of times. My son is mostly driving it to and from university, and then out with his friends and girlfriend.

    The car is in my name for insurance purposes, but once my son turns 25 then I'll put it in his name so it really feels like it's his. I'm paying the insurance on it, of course. He said he feels spoiled, but he's his grandpa's only grandson. Plus he said he wants to start chipping in for his share of the insurance once he gets a job, (he's currently a 3rd year student). No complaints here. Broker told me to absolutely NOT put the car in his name until he's 25, because they discriminate heavily against young males. Despite my 2018 DUI, my insurance has dropped significantly, and I'm told it'll drop even more after January when the license suspension finally falls off my record. I can finally go back to standard rates, which is great.

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    What a great dad! I remember the days I was before 25… Could only afford insurance of low HP subcompacts… that’s why I drove my 70HP Civic for a long long time… of course my dad still paid for me while I was in college, but wish I had a dad like you who’d get be a better car! But then again, for sure you’d spoil me!

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