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Thread: PS4

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    Holey crap.

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    Started playing the PS4 exclusive Days Gone, largely at my wife's behest. I bought it because it looked like something she'd enjoy, which she did, apart from the early bugs.

    I'm finding it to be a rather... adequate game. Good, but not great. SIE/Sony have been pretty aggressive about patching since release, and I have yet to encounter any of the more annoying bugs that my wife did like falling through the ground or getting stuck in terrain.

    I like well done open world games, but I'm not really a survival horror game fan, so I find the survival mechanics a bit tedious at times. Your motorcycle guzzles gas pretty quickly, you can't carry that much inventory or ammo without some high-level perks, and your melee weapons degrade quickly.

    My wife, being more of a fan of survival horror than I, played through it about as quickly as one with an infant and a toddler could. So, if you like the genre, you can get Days Gone feeling safe that the bugs have been patched.

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    Yíall know the PSVR cinematic mode? The one where it presents a giant virtual 2D screen about 10 feet away from you?

    Itís supposed to work if you plug any HDMI source into it, isnít it?

    I canít get it to work. Well, it works just fine with my PS4 dashboard. But I try swap it for my PCís HDMI cable at 1080p and it doesnít work.

    Did they patch it to only accept a PS4 signal?

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