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Thread: PS4

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    Brian is singing my song. Every time I turn the PS4 on, it needs something. And GT:S is one of the neediest of the needy. And there comes a point where you think "Gee, I haven't turned this on in a week or so" and then you do the math and figure it isn't worth it. Then a few weeks later you know the updates are really piling up.

    Can't help but feel like I'm working for the PS4, not the other way around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kchrpm View Post
    This is the kind of thing Google wants people to think about when it comes to Stadia. I doubt it's working for them.
    Oh yeah... Forgot about that service.

    You can manually search for updates by pressing the options button on the game home page. I do that every once in a while when waiting for someone.

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    I loved how the PS3 functioned really well as a media hub, but I completely skipped the PS4:
    Does PS4 play audio and home video right out of the box? Couldn't get the X1 to do it (they're on at least their 10th menu layout and it's still cumbersome).

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