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Thread: GAS talk

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    I think I'm going to stand pat with what I have until I'm ready to buy a refurbished D500. Right now it's $1500, though I do think I'd like the 16-80 lens in the kit, too. However, I've done some deep reading on some features on my ancient D7000 that have given me more functionality than I knew I had.

    I know that so many people have gone full-frame, but what I'm really excited about is the fast, sensitive AF in a reasonably sized package. It's basically the technology of a D5, but in a smaller package and the AF area over the APS-C sensor means the best AF coverage ever for a DLSR.

    I've got the money now, but I'd really like to get back into flying out here in CA where the distances and traffic make general aviation quite useful. Palm Springs, Monterey, Las Vegas and Havasu are all easy flights from here (40 minutes to 3 hours in the sort of GA aircraft I fly) and in the last several years, everyone's gone to iPads for their flight bag. So cash goes there for now.
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    I, like Wonder, have the all metal gorilla pod, which I've only used maybe once or twice. It is also usually mistaken for a sex toy (at least by Rob).

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