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Thread: GAS talk

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
    ...and B&H Photo had a factory refurbished 300mm f/4 PF for $1599. Sold!
    I definitely prefer photos where I can isolate the subject, so I think this f/4 prime will make a big difference - especially at the price I just paid.
    Great! Congrats!!

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    Jason - how are you liking the Fuji system? I have exposure to their design concept and UI due to my X100T. I still prefer the ergonomics of Nikons (I like back button focus and a decent grip depth even though I have small hands), but I feel like if I'm going to stay with APS-C sensors, in the long term, I'm better off with something more compact, and also with something with a better native lens selection; Nikon has neglected to really flush out their DX range. On the other hand, if I do go full-frame, staying in the Nikon ecosystem makes some amount of sense.

    This will certainly not be something I'm going to do quickly (I've invested a lot in my Nikon system over the last few years), but I'll be watching with interest as Nikon, Canon, Fuji, and Sony all fill out their mirrorless systems. Heck, I hear Panasonic is about to dive into the FF mirrorless realm shortly, leaving only Olympus among the big camera makers that don't charge an arm and a leg *ahem, Leica* not offering at least an APS-C or bigger sensor system.

    Speaking of Olympus... my parents had an Olympus XA2 when I was growing up, and I still remember what a jewel that thing was - pretty advanced for a P&S, especially of the time - and bit of a landmark of industrial design of the time. I'd kill for a digital version of the Olympus XA series... my understanding is the Ricoh GRII comes closest, but that camera has been out for a while and really deserves an update... and it's still not as compact as the old XA series.

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    I got the Canon mirrorless and they took away my joystick and gave me this touchy feely bar thing and it's shit.

    That's my review.

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