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Thread: This is the thread where I say things and maybe other people say things too

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    My neighbor and I will generally clear each other's sidewalks. We've both got electric snow throwers, so we can do shifts while each other's batteries recharge.

    When I had a gas snow thrower, I'd regularly go to the end of my block in addition to clearing the walkway for my former elderly neighbors.

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    This is something totally new to me since I grew up in tropical Taiwan and then lived in SoCal ever since… so last year at Seattle we had about a week of snow during Xmas? Quite awesome! Just enough snow but not so much snow… My 10 yr old neighbor did not shovel snow for me for free. He knocked on my door and wanted $5. Since I didn’t even own a snow shovel, I paid him the money. The kid did a good job!

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