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    We finished 9th. I am very happy with a top-ten. There were almost 1,300 teams registered, divided into 24 splits. We were in split 14. Our race was car-crash free, but one of our guys had a sim-crash-to-dash while he was driving. We lost several spots as one of our other drivers jumped in. Later, he had a low-speed spin exiting the final chicane. Other than that, it was pretty uneventful. There were numerous on-track battles, especially early on. It came down to a nail-biter, as 8th through 10th were just a few seconds from each other. We came out of our final pit stop in 8th, but our close-out driver just could not hold off the guy behind. Exciting race. I had 1x for four hours of driving.

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    Good racing Cam, well done to you and the team

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