I had a REALLY good race in IMSA tonight. Bottom split

I chose the 911 RSR starting 18th overall and stalked another guy in the same car for most of the race. Behind me was another guy in an M8 GTE and they both kept me very honest. We hung around 0.5-1.5 seconds away from each other the whole time.

When the LMPs started to lap us, one guy did the traditional dive just as I turned into the final corner (it's at the Glen so that's a dangerous high speed area to be shoving a car at the last moment) and put me into a gentle slide, from which I thankfully recovered. I gave him a few words (non-sweary ones) and told him to be a little bit more patient. A few moments later he passed the guy in front of me then bit the grass going up the hill and nosed the wall pretty hard. I pushed the radio button again and told him it serves him right. Seconds later, he manually disconnected. He was in 4th place. Ha!

Anyway, the three of us GTEs in 6th, 7th, 8th continued on until the pit stops were due. I chose to pit one lap earlier than the guys around me. After they pitted I was ahead of them in 5th place. The driver in 4th was travelling pretty slowly with some damage and he pretty well let me pass a few laps from the end. I crossed the line 4th in GTE and 12th overall

The race seemed really uneventful but the fight came in keeping pace with the guys around me and then nipping past them in the pits. I just love this sort of stuff, it really makes me happy to take part in hard gritty races like this.

Also, Ferraris this week are at Road Atlanta. That track is just nuts. The last turn.... ooh boy.