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Thread: iRacing

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    There's a Corvette C8.R Championship Series in iRacing now, with live coverage on YouTube

    While I don't find Lime Rock very interesting, and I'm just watching an HD livestream, I think the graphics in this are great. My biggest complaint is that, while the number of trees lining the circuit is impressive, each one looks flat. And I guess that extends to the grass just being a texture and not 3D. But the car models, track details, shadows and reflections all look great.
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    Yeah, they are fine; not "awful." Who knew?

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    iRacing doesn't have much in the way of flashy graphics or lighting effects, but it has, IMHO, the best car models and interiors of any sim, which for me is the important part. It also nails the things *around* the track - the only track I've ever driven on in real life is Laguna Seca, and the trackside objects I was taught to use there to line up the car (telephone pole as you crest the hill before T2, or the tree to aim towards when going through the corkscrew) are all exactly where they should be and look the same.

    What's great about it too is that it runs at a really good framerate even in VR.

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