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    So, I was away for about 5 days in Sicily (my best mate turned 50 and so I hopped on a plane and went for a surprise) and my iRacing team decided to try do the 24H of Daytona... just the day before. Oof.

    Average team experience was on the VRS endurance races (3h) and ACC short enduros, but none had done a really long endurance race before.
    And yet we decided to go for it.
    8 people in the team: I was out because of vacation, another guy was already racing with another team and yet another one was willing to set the car for us, but was busy for the weekend so could not race; so we had 6 people driving and yet other 3 joined us from other teams or were just new people in our team.
    We decided to go with GT3s because of too less experience on the LMP2 and the new BMW LMDh.
    And being 9 we had plenty of people in the team to ensure all the stints were covered - way too many people LOL.

    As I said I was in vacation but I stayed in contact with the team in vocal through Discord (and Whatsapp too), watching live both the driver feed both a secondary one from a guy that almost stayed the whole 24 hours awake to spot for everyone and race as well.
    I dunno why but everyone hated the Mercedes AMG 2020 because it was tail happy... probably setup, I use the car in VRS Sprint and I find it predictable and easy to manage, albeit heavy on the front and not very nimble.
    Other disappointing matter (although it made it easier for us) was we ended up in a weird GT3-only split - we could have used the experience with multiclass for the future.

    I followed the live, then I went out with my friends, came back home during the night and stayed up till 3 am helping with fuel calculations and traffic management, while supporting the drivers and calculating stints.
    I slept, wake up early in the morning and so on.

    We started the race at the 1pm slot in P17, our team leader's connection went before the end of the first stint, so we reconnected, and changed driver while being dropped down P36. Damn.
    At about 4pm we were up to P31, so already gained 5 positions in three hours.

    Eventually we gained position after position during the night to be at P19 at 10pm, 4 laps down the leader.
    Our team leader could not race anymore: his pc was acting up and crashing, so we were down a driver, the night guys did an outstanding job with double stints to cover for him.
    Few runs out in the grass but everyone held up.

    Early morning hours saw us in 14th position, then we gained more... and we closed the race P10 out of 49, catching the position in the last stint.
    Unexpected result, but we got till the end, our motto was "we are in it for the fun, the important thing is to bring her home".
    I think 10 cars out of 49 did not make it till the end... we gained a spot in the last 3 or 4 hours when car P3, a BMW M4, destroyed one of their sides and limped to the pit with the right front wheel totally missing.

    It was a blast, even for me that could not race since my rig was 1200km away, pretty emotional to be collaborating with people trying to bring it to the end.
    So, we are in to try other endurances, surely on GT3, we will see about other cars.
    Meanwhile since I'm always the one scouting the forums, reading the rules... well, I've been asked by the team leader to take the role of Special Events manager... LOL

    Next up is quite soon, the 12 Hours of Bathurst in the first half of February, I'm already scared to think about it

    (The yellow car was the first livery we were supposed to use, then we switched to our usual black and gold livery, just few hours before the race start)

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    Cool, man. Great job!

    When there are not an equal amount of drivers (in this case, teams) in each class, the lower splits will be missing classes. In your team's case, there were more GT3 cars than anything else and your team's iRating was low enough to be in a GT3 only split. It has happened to me.

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    Yeah, I thought that too.
    I'm still amazed you collected almost no INC at all, man.
    You are a consistency beast!

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