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    Quote Originally Posted by Freude am Fahren View Post
    I kinda hate to say it, but I think I've been listening to "Djent" lately a bit. I got started when someone mentioned Tosin Abasi, a guitar player who specializes in 8-string, and plays in a band called Animals as Leaders. From there I started listening to some Periphery, watched a bunch of videos with Misha Mansoor, and Mark Holcomb, and then started listening to a Periphery based Pandora channel. Gojira kinda fits into that category.

    Problem is, this type of music typically is paired with stupid screaming/growling vocals, which I can't fucking stand. Luckily there are some instrumental bands in this area (such as Animals as Leaders and Polyphia). It's really hard to find this kinda of metal with 'normal' vocalists.

    Back to Abasi, if you watch some of his solo/demo stuff, it could totally be classified as "Djazz". And he dresses like he's got a guest part in Family Matters, so that's cool....

    I feel like my tastes are regressing.


    I've also been listening to some Mastodon lately, and am a huge Brent Hinds fan these days.
    Agree with all of this.

    I'm also a Tobin Abasi/Animals fan. Just saw Sithu Aye open for Haken six weeks ago.

    Came across these Aussies a few months ago:

    Too bad this is their only album.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G'day Mate View Post
    I had to look up "djent" ...
    Yeah, I only first heard of the word a few months ago. There's a lot of humor around it on youtube. I think the first use of it I saw was one of these video by Jared Dines:

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    Just saw the news on Malcom.
    He had been ill for a number of years, but 64 is still relatively young.
    Malcolm was on of the great riff writers, so many wonderful and memorable riffs.

    Older brother George had died last month. He was probably one of the most important people in Australian rock.

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