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Thread: Post yer neat pictures here! (Original content only, plz.)

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    Old Kermit?

    Well, Pink was in our city last night for a concert, and while wifey and co were in the stadium watching it i went out and took some photos in front of our pink railway station. A lot of places around town used pink lighting to 'welcome' her to the city, like one of the motorway over bridges (which has LED lighting on either side as a display feature), the airport, city boundary signs, theatres, the Settlers Museum and so on.

    Camera was just on AUTO+ mode, as i couldn't be bothered taking a proper night pic. For a photo taken while reaching over to the passenger side window, with no real thought behind it, it turned out surprisingly good i think.

    Moar pics, with my car in them:

    And some other pink things around the city (not sure if you can view them or not?)

    Best pic of this i could find, but it's one of the 'welcome to Dunedin' roadside signs, likely between the airport and the city.

    When Ed Sheeran did three concerts here earlier this year the city did a similar thing, and changed signs like the above to say DunEDin.

    We get too excited when big names come here. Although they didn't do anything for Kendrick Lamar, Robbie Williams, Roger Waters who all came here this year too. Probably won't do anything for Shania Twain who's playing in a few months either.
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    SLM definitely takes some sweet pics these days... also noticed the sweet Danelectro Mr. Glittereyes is playing.

    Bryan manages to make even his garage shots look special. Probably doesn't hurt to have that MR2 Turbo (what would you want for that thing, seriously?)

    I don't have anything fancy but after several years I finally started to take the technical aspects of photography seriously, so my shots are mostly boring but I'm working hard to at least get them technically correct (the best kind of correct!)
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    Hi I'm still alive I just stopped posting on this forum and I'm not sure why. Here's one taken with the camera I hate to love and love to hate, the Sony A7 III.


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    I know there is good in you. Let go of your hate and come back to the light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KillerB View Post
    Bryan manages to make even his garage shots look special. Probably doesn't hurt to have that MR2 Turbo (what would you want for that thing, seriously?)
    Thanks - dumb luck I think. What I'd seriously want for my car is outrageous. I've simply become attached to it, moreso than any car I've owned by a long shot. It's me. When I sit in it it's home. I imagine it could go for up to $20-25k on BaT if I were to throw it up there, but I have zero desire to. It'd take something ridiculous right now, like near six figures, for me to part with it. Which I know is insane. Funny you should mention it, I've mostly finished detailing it and need to take some new photos. It has never looked better. Look for them in my Garage thread in a couple days.

    Love the cat photos, and the sofa!

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