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Thread: Post yer neat pictures here! (Original content only, plz.)

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    I was on a ferry on the weekend and decided to try out my new micro 4/3 zoom lens.

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    Not a picture, but a video that I made.

    It's shot on an iPhone 11 Pro and edited using Da Vinci Resolve on my desktop. The footage was captured at 4K/60 and slowed down to 24fps for that dreamy slow-mo effect, and lined up with the song End Titles by Carpenter Brut.

    Students of film will notice the slight shimmering in the video. That's a result of the phone's auto-stabilisation fighting against the extremely windy conditions that caused me to wobble all over the show when I was capturing these scenes. It did a wonderful job but it's not up to snuff compared to a professional using a good handheld rig.

    But... dat dynamic range... Holy shit. It's incredible.

    I've only cut a sliver off the brightest levels to keep it all from being too bright, but the long shot in the middle (3:28-3:38 in the video) is completely untouched.

    I hope you like it

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    Right at the end, do we catch a rare glimpse of the elusive Rare White Ape?

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