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Thread: Rich's 2016 FiST of d00m

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    I assumed he was from Dallas-Fort Worth.

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    Came out to the car from early voting last Monday and saw that part of the bumper was hanging down. Got under the car and found that one of the two tabs that secure the bumper cover to the body pan was hanging down because the threaded and stud that was supposed to be there wasn't. Went to the dealer on Weds to order the missing parts. Ended up ordering the wrong one. Find the correct part # for the nut but not for the stud. Parts counter guy takes a pic of the one that's still there and sends it off to Ford. I hear back from on Friday that they found the proper part # for the stud. He also said that Ford recommends welding them into place. The ones on the car aren't welded, just threaded into the hole. The one on the car comes out quite easily. So I called the body shop that worked on the car when it was hit last summer and they tell me to bring it back at my convenience. Which means they didn't if they were supposed to have.

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