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    dodint said:
    Reims is on my bucket list of places to visit when I can afford to.
  2. XHawkeye said:

    Mario Andretti,STP Corporation - March-Ford-701 heading for 3rd place & his first F1 podium finish,Jarama OTDI 1970. pic.twitter.com/woDDbY9sd8

    Bruce McLaren (2nd) Jackie Stewart (1st) & Mario Andretti (3rd) on the podium at Jarama OTDI 1970. pic.twitter.com/wWInrGHtgr

    A.J. Foyt with an audience in Charlotte, North Carolina, during the National 500 race weekend in October, 1966. pic.twitter.com/7gtJf29m7u
  3. XHawkeye said:

    Attilio Bettega-Maurizio Perissinot Rallye Sanremo 1984 pic.twitter.com/TMubP2GbGl

    Jochen Rindt, 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans | Photo credit: Eric della Faille pic.twitter.com/NBcAi4aWvp
  4. XHawkeye said:

    Jochen Rindt/Masten Gregory, Ferrari 250 LM, 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans | Photo credit: Eric della Faille pic.twitter.com/F35uXtX2ms
  5. XHawkeye said:

    1965 - Jochen Rindt teams up with Masten Gregory to win at Le Mans in an NART entered Ferrari 250 LM. pic.twitter.com/oWhRr12uuc
  6. XHawkeye said:

    54 years ago today, Richard Petty won the 1963 Virginia 500 @ Martinsville. pic.twitter.com/Hrjw0Vo1Lf

    Nürburgring 1000 Kilometres 1969 #9 Gulf Mirage M2, BRM P101 V12 2999 cc David Hobbs / Mike Hailwood pic.twitter.com/VQUDOswTsU

    Röhrl - Geistdörfer Audi Quattro S1 Rallye Sanremo 1985 Photo of my Dad @RallyGroupB pic.twitter.com/f2GDI2nIc1
  7. XHawkeye said:

    Questor Grand Prix, Ontario Speedway 1971 Andretti’s victorious #Ferrari 312B in essentially 1970 spec. pic.twitter.com/9pGToWHkKr

    The Great John Surtees, Ferrari, Belgian Grand Prix, 1965. #NeverForget #F1 pic.twitter.com/uBAMwM8tZm

    Tony Fassina-Rudy Dal Pozzo Rallye dell'Isola d'Elba 1982 pic.twitter.com/bbCHMjweKw
  8. XHawkeye said:

    El Porsche 934/5 de Leo Kinnunen i Egon Evertz, 3º a les 6 hores de Silverstone de 1976 pic.twitter.com/e9FX8BPUry

    Tony Bettenhausen drives his burning car into the pits during the 1960 Indianapolis 500, Tony's 14th & Final "500". pic.twitter.com/XRQXb1YG9X

    Tyrrell-Box, Tyrrell-Ford 011, #Ford #Cosworth engine F1 #GP 1982 @Autodromo_Monza
  9. XHawkeye said:

    #Caturday Mid-Ohio 5 Hours 1974 #57 Glenn Bunch #Jaguar E-type Driven by: Glenn Bunch & John Hastings pic.twitter.com/hgkYRRjNDt

    Mid-Ohio 5 Hours 1974 John Greenwood's Big One : the #Chevrolet #Corvette Driven by: John Greenwood & Sam Posey pic.twitter.com/ZKmJAwuC8B

    B. McLaren #McLaren M7C Cosworth devant G. Hill #Lotus 49B Cosworth & P. Courage Brabham BT26A #Cosworth #GP 1969 circuit de Charade pic.twitter.com/dtrxrR0e7w
  10. XHawkeye said:

    BMW 3.0 CSL (#21 Helmut Kelleners/Harald Grohs/Rolf Stommelen), 1975 Zandvoort Trophy | Photo credit: Ove Nielsen