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    Quote Originally Posted by CudaMan View Post
    So smooooth.
    That coming from you, just made me tingly in my man parts.

    I do try to be smooth as possible, as I figure that it is nicer on the machinery (and this car is too expensive to bend or break). Also, I'm used to driving a stock 1600cc Corolla, where momentum is everything.

    The cars passing me on the track video are both race cars. The Corolla "FXGT" is running a 7AGTE (1800cc + turbo), and the Starlet is a rocketship 1300cc turbo putting out about 220kw at the wheels, lapping something like 8 seconds faster than me .... the Starlet guy is also building gradually, a twin engined Starlet turbo, because he wants something he can beat Evo's in at hillclimbs on a mode regular basis. He's a bit insane.
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    Isn't that about typical for car guys in your part of the world though?

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    It isn't mandatory, but is encouraged.


    Old rear rotor solid, new one not solid.


    Big difference in size between old poverty spec, and new GT spec fronts.

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    They're so cute!

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